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Dear Doctor,

As a surgeon working for years treating many men and women in our community, I know that most of your patients diagnosed with open-angle glaucoma will spend their lives taking one or more glaucoma medications. As you know, this lifelong regimen is not just inconvenient, it is expensive. The good news is that we can now improve glaucoma management by intervening earlier with a micro invasive technology that reduces intraocular pressure for our patients with open-angle glaucoma.

lagrecainaction-forwebThe iStent® Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent is FDA-approved for use in conjunction with cataract surgery to reduce intraocular pressure in adult patients with mild-to-moderate open-angle glaucoma currently treated with ocular hypotensive medication. As an iStent-trained surgeon, I am able to offer iStent to your glaucoma patients when they come to me for cataract surgery. The bottom line: iStent provides an opportunity to safely reduce their intraocular pressure.

iStent is the smallest medical device ever approved by the FDA. The micro-bypass stent is placed in a patient’s eye during cataract surgery to improve the outflow of aqueous humor from the eye. Implanting iStent does not significantly extend the length of time the patient spends in surgery and has a safety profile comparable to cataract surgery alone. iStent safely controls eye pressure and precludes the issues associated with non-compliance to ocular medication regimens.
I usually keep patients on the same glaucoma drops for 4 months after placement of the iStent, at that time a determination can be made whether or not to reduce the medication regimen.

Thank you for entrusting your referrals to me. Working in a true clinical partnership is important, especially when new technology affords us the opportunity to make a real difference in patients’ lives. I look forward to giving your patients who have both a cataract and glaucoma access to this new exciting technology!

Sincerely, Brian A. LaGreca, MD


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